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The gospel compels us to take the love of God throughout Oklahoma City and the world. (Acts 1:8, Jer. 29:7, Matt. 5:16)

A true, saving encounter with Jesus opens our eyes to the mercy we’ve received. This, along with the “Great Commission” (Matt. 28:19-20), should compel us to live different lives, focused on spreading the good news of the Gospel to Oklahoma City, the metro area, and to all the nations (Acts 1:8). God has placed this church in the heart of the city, so it is only natural that the main initiatives in our ministry be about pushing darkness out of the neighborhoods and city that we inhabit as a church. This is done through evangelism, missions, social justice, and intentional missional living with our friends, families, and neighbors.

For further reading on our interaction with our surrounding neighbors and nations,

Center Church, by Tim Keller

Let the Nations be Glad!, by Jon Piper

Generous Justice, by Tim Keller

Don’t Waste Your Life, by John Piper

Counter Culture, by David Platt